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Hasselblad, Kodak Launch 50-Mpixel Camera

For those of you who love those megapixels, you now can drop a year's pay or so on the new Hasselblad H3DII-50 – a 50-megapixel camera. The H3DII-50 boasts the worlds largest sensor, at 36-by-48mm, built by Kodak.

Kodak states: "At 50 {megapixels] the sensor captures digital images with unprecedented resolution and detail. For instance, with a 50 megapixel camera, in an aerial photo of a field 1-½ miles across, you could detect an object about the size of a small notebook computer (1 foot by 1 foot)."

Don't expect high-speed shooting, though: The H3DII-50 can record at 1 frame per second. The camera's product page says that the camera captures 300MB files, but an informational PDF says that RAW files are just 65MB. At least it shoots in DNG format, which is perfect for use with Photoshop.

The H3DII-50 features a 3-inch display, a CCD cooling sink, and optional GPS accessories and media cards. The camera can shoot at ISO ranges of 50 to 400. It will use CF cards and SanDisk Extreme IV's. Don't expect to take many pictures at that huge size--you'll need to time yourself to capture exactly what you want to shoot.

The price is still unknown. The next model down costs around $40,000, though, so don't expect this one to be cheap.

Originally posted on Gearlog.

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