In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful



Credit Tip-Off Service surely made the headlines in the mainstream medias quite a lot, if not 'membolot' all the medias. Somehow last week, Datuk M Kayveas, in all of a sudden, unleash an attack on CTOS, saying that the company is 'blackmailing' people and selling the personal infos to creditors.

Well, how true might it be? RM25 per person? Wow, so cheap. They really must have to be taken down, by hook or by crook. CTOS is a danger to all!

And it was a damn kaput throughout Malaysia. For the past few days, it was CTOS here and CTOS there. Even our own Prime Minister is having his own mind on CTOS. Change it.

Not to forget, some people claiming that they were threatened, not given loans, and some even went to 'Ah-Longs' to get rid of these CTOS problems. Pity them. Really.

But wait, what is all this rush about? Why so sudden? Yes, there are some peoples showing themselves as 'rakyat yang tertindas akibat masalah berkaitan CTOS', but why now? Or specifically, what happened to Datuk M Kayveas that he suddenly made a tank-rush attack on CTOS?

Dia kena sekali ka? Huhu. And the best part is, this all happened when Malaysians were witnessing one of the weirdest case in history (apart from Anwar's case, that was also historical), a murder which could even involve the DPM Tan Sri Najib Tun Razak. Maybe this is just another project to wind off people from talking about the Altantuya murder ? Who knows? Besides, CTOS bravely answered all the unanswered questions in TV3 somewhere yesterday ( July 3 2007). No company would dare to take such action, unless under these probabilities :

1- There are fully innocent. This is just another act to divert Malaysians from the Altantuya murder case.

2- They (CTOS Sdn Bhd) have back-up plan, even if their lies and bad things were unraveled piece by piece.

Well, we just have to wait for the next news,perhaps.

Me : I rather talk about ATOS. At least it is drivable :lol: