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The Kingmaker

I do not wish to talk about Malaysian politics. Not that I'm sick of it, but honestly, it is just too much. The talk about politics have gone to the extent that more people are talking about Permatang Pauh than sharing on the upcoming Independence Day.

So let's go at the broader, wider scale of the world. Is United States of America still the king maker in world domination ? All right, maybe not a total domination in term of conquering the whole land and seas as they did in Iraq and Afghanistan, but being a major political power which can't be brushed or singled out in any international or internal events. Even during the Reformasi days we saw US, specifically Albert Gore who commented on the Reformasi as a good change to Malaysia, though Mahathir clearly did not like such words. Yet, Mahathir was very powerless when it comes to US, except to play with other cards such as new economical agendas; he singled out the US currency rate. He didn't care what values were the Dow Jones at that time, he made it a static value, a constant, to the very end that our currency became stable and better.

Well, that may be 10 years ago. The situation now is clearly different. The Eastern bloc, or Russians, are clearly showing their paws again, after a long stand of North Korea and Iraq who kept on to their words of not caring for the words of USA in their nuclear program. When Russia attacked the capital of Georgia for it's internal problem. It is believed that one of the states in Georgia, South Ossetia asked for independence, but rejected and moreoverly attacked by the Georgian Army for asking such things. Being an ex-state of the then-USSR, Russia felt needed to help South Ossetia thus counter attacked Georgia.

To me, the issue isn't just about brothers-in-arms. It's also about revealing the true power of USA. We kept on seeing USA as a real major political power, but in this event, they are not able to do a thing. Their resources has clearly been spent so much in Iraq and Afghanistan that they are not able to help Georgia retaliate. All they could do was to found a diplomatic stance between Georgia and Russia. Yes, we all know that such stance will not last long. Should Russia have enough power, they will again launch another attack on Georgia to confirm the strength of the States.

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