In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful



While others have been talking a lot on the ISA issue, the 916 issue and lots of other stuffs, I just do not want to share about those issues.

Not that I'm not a fan of such things, but sometimes we are just overstuffed by such news. Yes, I agree that ISA should be reviewed, in terms Malaysia going for a more and better democracy and freedom. Even in Islam it is clearly noted that such arrests are just plainly denying the right of defending oneself until he is proven guilty. Even if someone is committing a crime, the procedure to take the criminal into custody must be done in a proper manner, through the court, and not just plain arrest without any compromise. This is very unjust.


Meanwhile, the issue I would like to highlight is the Fannie and Freddie takeover. Some say it is the biggest takeover in history. Some say it is another mere ploy and conspiracy towards the USA Presedential Election this upcoming November. Some others were just too busy to care for such things.

My views, are we seeing another economic meltdown in these coming days ? Just like what happened a decade ago, and also what happened two decades ago, quite a few people are expecting another global economic meltdown, especially after the over-extensive issue of mortgage is the States. And we now come to this, two big arms of the investment banking are eventually being bought up by the government itself. This is surely not including other companies such as Lehman. These companies are also begging for the saviour Wall Street to save them, but still it is not known whether their prayers would be answered.

Of course, such actions were expected. Give a candy to a child in a kindergarden, and eventually the rest would showed themselves up, asking for the same candy. But the issue remains is whether are there just enough money, and will be action be another unproper action. The second issue is perhaps will the most contributing factor to whatever action taken by the government. Buyover of a company through the taxpayers, in democratic terms, are just undemocratic. It is the way of socialism, buying over businesses to be controlled by the government, in contrast to the US well-known policy of hardened capitalism. 

But, letting go of Lehman to suffer from liquidation might also be a bad idea. The States is already overridden with the suffering economic meltdown. Such liquidation will just add more wounds.


Another news that not many would know is about Dell outsourcing themselves by 2010. Though it is not weird, it is still quite a shock. Being a 100% factory free, or in other words total outsourcing means that they are really suffering from overly cost of operations around the globe. These would eventually means that there would be no more Dell factories, only their HQ and maybe sales rep centres.

Outsourcing at a point is very good, you save costs. But in other views, it is very dangerous. Surely everyone would not like events such as smuggling and design copying to happen. Not like what happened to Camel in Thailand, or even Cisco in China. The companies really did suffered, and they just couldn't stop it, nor could they see it coming.