In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful


A very hard formula

Tadi baru dok dengaq YB Khairy Jamaluddin melontarkan idea-idea tentang usul penjimatan subsidi. Ada la sikit celoteh tentang dengan penjimatan subsidi minyak, maka duit itu boleh digunakan untuk hal-hal lain, antaranya subsidi bagi makanan yang kian melonjak tinggi harganya.

Tuan YB, tahukah anda

Bila Minyak Naik, Harga Makanan pun Naik

Hal ini disebabkan makanan ini akan dipindahkan dari satu tempat ke tempat yang lain, bermula dari tempat seperti ladang/jeti sehinggalah ke supermarket ataupun kedai-kedai runcit. Untuk memindahkan barang makanan ini, kenderaan berskala besar, kebiasaannya lori, digunakan sebagai alat pengangkutan. Maka, apabila kenaikan harga diesel sebanyak RM1.58 sen seliter, takkanlah harga barangan makanan ini tidak naik. Macam harga roti canai la, tepung naik untuk sepeket, tapi roti canai pun naik gak dlm 10-20 sen untuk sekeping roti.

Bagi seorang yang bergelar engineer, orang itu lazimnya akan mempelajari satu subjek yang dipanggil HSE ataupun Health, Safety and Environment. Di dalam course ataupun subjek tersebut, orang itu akan diajar teknik-teknik untuk mengelakkan kejadian yang tidak diingini berlaku. Antara teknik-teknik terawal, ataupun langkah pencegahan terawal yang boleh dilakukan ialah dengan Solve at the source and along the process. Menggunakan langkah ini untuk diaplikasikan di dalam permasalahan harga makanan minyak, bukankah lebih baik jika sekiranya subsidi minyak yang diberikan, kerana ianya akan memberi impak (penurunan) pada harga makanan juga? Bak kata pepatah orang putih "To kill two birds with a stone". Ini barulah pemikiran minda kelas pertama.


What they do not understand

Syed Hamid Albar cricitized the act of several key figures in PAS and several other NGOs who held the demonstration last Friday at Masjid Jamek, Kg Baru (Refer : Syed Hamid slams opposition for price hike rally, The Star Malaysia Online).

According to him, such acts would not solve any problems. Well, is it really true? During the times of Suharto, it was the revolution of the masses that made him eventually brought down, from his heavenly kingdom, back to ground. It was also the big Iran Revolution that turned the famous land of Persia upside down, with the big aftermath of having the Shah Iran getting himself out of Iran after being betrayed by the Iranian Army.

Well, perhaps the examples were a little old school, a little far from reality (The Iranian revolution was in late 70s, the Indonesian revolution was in the late 90s). The recent demonstration against the parking price hike is perhaps another example. Just after one, two days of the demonstration, DBKL canceled their sudden plan to increase the parking fee.

Well, perhaps the oil price hike in the near future could then give a big impact to our government in revising back the price.


Certainly I do not understand this.

I thought the half past six issue is long gone. Well, still there I suppose. Semalam kata lain, hari ni kata lain. In the parliament they accused others of being lidah bercabang, their words makan diri kot~

Now everyone wonders, what did Shahrir said bout the August thing?

p/s: Next time want to increase price, don't la give last minute statement. This is 10th world parliament. Professional la sikit. give a better setback la. 3 days announcement ke, or better. Not at the 11th hour statement, memang la

Well nvrtheless, here's some snips from thestar bout the price hike :

Wednesday June 4, 2008

Shahrir: New fuel subsidy scheme only in August


KUALA LUMPUR: A new fuel subsidy scheme will be fully implemented only in August and today’s announcement is only one of the steps in the revamp, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad said.

“Any announcement by the Prime Minister (today) should be seen as a part of the implementation and not the final step,” he told a press conference after opening the 1st Malaysian Construction Summit 2008 at the Putra World Trade Centre here yesterday.

He said a full subsidy system could not be immediately decided on now, as the Finance Ministry was still evaluating proposals.

Shahrir said he did not think his statements contradicted those made by the Prime Minister.

On Monday, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the Cabinet would decide today on a new fuel subsidy scheme and that it would be implemented immediately to prevent speculation.

Shahrir said the subsidy revamp could result in petrol pumps selling fuel at market prices.

However, he said it was impossible to have a price increase without some way of helping the lower income groups.

“The idea ultimately is to increase the pump prices according to the market prices. At the same time, we need to deliver subsidy to Malaysians,” he said.

Shahrir said that there must be a system to the subsidy mechanism, which would either be in the form of cash income subsidies or a quota system effected through the MyKad or car registration number.


Wednesday June 4, 2008 MYT 7:33:41 PM

Petrol to cost RM2.70 from midnight (updated)

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Wednesday announced price hikes for petrol, diesel and electricity.

He said the new price for petrol is RM2.70 a litre, effective midnight tonight. The price goes up by 78sen from the current RM1.92, a hike of 40%.

Abdullah also announced that the price of diesel would be increased by RM1 from RM1.58 to RM2.58.

He also said that Tenaga Nasional Bhd would be raising electricity rates by 18% for homes and 26% for business users.

The announcements are part of the new fuel subsidy plan.

Abdullah also announced a RM625 annual cash rebate per vehicle, for owners of private vehicles with engine capacities of up to 2,000cc, as well as pickup trucks and jeeps with engine capacities of up to 2,500cc.

Owners of private motorcycles with engine capacities of up to 250cc will receive RM150.

Payment will be made via Money Order upon renewal of road tax, from July 1.

For owners of private vehicles with engine capacities exceeding 2000cc, road tax will be reduced by RM200.

Owners of private motorcycles with engine capacities above 250 cc will get RM50 reduction in road tax.