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Hasselblad, Kodak Launch 50-Mpixel Camera

For those of you who love those megapixels, you now can drop a year's pay or so on the new Hasselblad H3DII-50 – a 50-megapixel camera. The H3DII-50 boasts the worlds largest sensor, at 36-by-48mm, built by Kodak.

Kodak states: "At 50 {megapixels] the sensor captures digital images with unprecedented resolution and detail. For instance, with a 50 megapixel camera, in an aerial photo of a field 1-½ miles across, you could detect an object about the size of a small notebook computer (1 foot by 1 foot)."

Don't expect high-speed shooting, though: The H3DII-50 can record at 1 frame per second. The camera's product page says that the camera captures 300MB files, but an informational PDF says that RAW files are just 65MB. At least it shoots in DNG format, which is perfect for use with Photoshop.

The H3DII-50 features a 3-inch display, a CCD cooling sink, and optional GPS accessories and media cards. The camera can shoot at ISO ranges of 50 to 400. It will use CF cards and SanDisk Extreme IV's. Don't expect to take many pictures at that huge size--you'll need to time yourself to capture exactly what you want to shoot.

The price is still unknown. The next model down costs around $40,000, though, so don't expect this one to be cheap.

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Ok, maybe some, not all.
In less than 24 hours.
Willingly or forced to?

More news

1) Maybe he is willing to do so because he couldn't framed Najib more than he is doing now.

2) Maybe he is forced to do so, by the MoD or RMP.

3) Maybe he is doing it due to playing push and pull technique. I mean, of course, whoever wins in his own issues will most probably be the next leader of Malaysia, and just maybe, maybe, AAB doesn't want either of them. Also, something needed to be pointed out, he did his press conference on his SD with PKR top figures. Why them, and not alone? Altantuya issue is not PKR's, and the accuser of the case is also not PKR. To the very least, he didn't have to pull a media conference with PKR. Something which is just not right.


Book Review: Belajar Dari Dua Umar

Alhamdulillah, finished reading a very nice book. At first glance, I really thought it was about two well-known Caliph, Umar Al-Khattab and Umar Abd Al-Aziz. Well, I was quite there, but not perfectly correct.

The book is entitled as such, but inside are examples from the Sirah Nabawiyyah or the History of the Prophets and the Brotherhood, as well as several ample examples from other historical Islamic figures. Still, if it just write examples, it may not mean much to me, since there are loads of Sirah books available, such as Sirah Nabawiyyah by Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz, or even the famous Fiqh Sirah by Dr Sa'id Ramadhan Al-Bouti, but this book studied the meaning and justification behind each examples, and relates them to events happening nowadays. (The events are randomly events in Indonesia, since the writer, Hepi Andi Bastoni is an Indonesian, but that pretty good enough).

If other Sirah books explain the history of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w in general, this book focuses on the umara' side, or leadership in English. The book covered not only the history of the Prophet s.a.w, but also some of notable among the Brotherhoods, such as Ubaidah Al-Jarrah, Umar Al-Khattab, Abu Bakar As-Siddiq, as well as other famous caliphs; among them Umar Abd Al-Aziz and Harun al-Rasyid.

Inside the book are details on how an Islamic political figure, or an Islamic leader among Muslim society, or in a Muslim/Islamic country should behave and act. There are also examples that Muslims as a society need to focus, to be the revered Muslims. Nowadays it must be said that Islam is no more than just a religion, when Islam beforehand was more than just religion; it is the way of life. A Muslim practitioner practices Islam as soon as he wakes up and ends when he sleeps. Doa taught by Prophet s.a.w, or other Prophets a.s,or even by notable ulamas' are spoken for every work we do. And not only that, an Islamic country should be one of the utmost or ultimate dream for every Muslims; a country which not only protects Muslims right and 'ibadah, but also gives fair and just protection to non-Muslims, so long as the non-Muslims does not wage any war. This is shown on how Umar Al-Khattab didn't punish anyone at all when he released Bait Al-Maqdis from the hands of Christians. Instead, he promised and showed respect, honour, fair justice to all commoners in Bait Al-Maqdis. This should be the Islamic country Muslims strive for, with honour.

Though the book quotes "Kenyangkan Perut Rakyat", or "Prioritize the Commoners for Food", I however was quite encaptured by the last paragraph of the last chapter

"Memang, jika tiba saatnya kemenangan pasti datang. Tapi bukan tugas kita untuk menunggu. Kekuasaan itu harus direbut. Kemenangan itu harus disambut. Sekarang saatnya"

or in plain English

"Of course, victory shall prevail comes the right time. But it is not our duty to wait. The power must be grabbed upon. The victory must be strived upon. Now it the time"

p/s: The book is entitled Belajar Dari Dua Umar, written by Hepi Andi Bastoni with exclusive comment by Tuan Guru Dato' Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat and published by Anbakri Publika Sdn Bhd(796344-P) with ISBN 978-983-43748-8-4.can be bought for RM15 in West Malaysia and RM17 in Sabah/Sarawak.


Oppurtunist not wanted

Note : This article is written in response to PKR's statement to change the PROTES gathering this Sunday (060708) to a pro-Anwar rally. This article is personal and individual, thus does not reflects any party or organisation the writer is subjected to. More news: Fuel price protest to be pro-Anwar rally

Initially the plan was very good and brilliant, a gathering in defiance of the government's action to increase the fuel price in Malaysia. Unlike other previous gathering, this gathering is supposed to be very peaceful but cynical to the government, a new passive yet active way to send a message of defiance to the government.

Yet, for some reason, PKR made a statement to change the anti-fuel increment rally to a pro-Anwar rally. Now this is just bad.

First of all, Anwar has not been taken into custody yet. Until now, he is still a free man who walks anywhere he wants, around us, like any other normal people. There is only a police report which says that he sodomized Saiful Bukhari Azlan, which is yet to be be proved yet (My bet is that there won't be a case,it's not a res ipsa liquitor, but more of a prima facie case, and this is where Anwar would eventually win)

If there's a police report, you are not going to be captured or taken into custody by the police. Yet, you only need to go through a series of court appearance, where you will debate to defend yourself, should you be the accused, or prove the accused guilty, should you be the accuser.

Thus, in which point does Anwar actually needs such rally? Unlike 1998 case where he is put behind bars, today is only behind his house fences, not jail bars.

Second, his issue is more of a private, individual issue. Whatever happens, it will only affect his life (Yeah yeah, without him on track, the 16 Sept agenda would probably not happened). We, the commons however, are more interested in the increasing fuel price. This fuel price affects everyone. Oil is one of the basic needs today. Whatever the oil price is, that is the portion that needed to be paid for everyone who bought foods, beverages, and all other stuffs. This issue is national, or better sounded as international. That issue is just plain individual.

Of course, some might argue that without Anwar as the helm, the 16 Sept 2008 agenda would most probably be lost, but that is just hypocritical thinking. That is just an idea, a hope, something which has yet to happened. This, imminent fuel price increment is something that is happening right now, RM2.70 for a litre of RON97 fuel, plus some hushes on another yet-to-happen price increment to RM3.10, and some even said it would go as far as RM4.00 by the end of the year.

Thus, personally I would suggest that PKR retracts the idea of changing the agenda of the rally. You don't need that 1 million rally to become yours. It is not yours, but it belongs to the people. It is about oil, not someone, even if we are in favour of him. Please be professional.