In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful



Ok, maybe some, not all.
In less than 24 hours.
Willingly or forced to?

More news

1) Maybe he is willing to do so because he couldn't framed Najib more than he is doing now.

2) Maybe he is forced to do so, by the MoD or RMP.

3) Maybe he is doing it due to playing push and pull technique. I mean, of course, whoever wins in his own issues will most probably be the next leader of Malaysia, and just maybe, maybe, AAB doesn't want either of them. Also, something needed to be pointed out, he did his press conference on his SD with PKR top figures. Why them, and not alone? Altantuya issue is not PKR's, and the accuser of the case is also not PKR. To the very least, he didn't have to pull a media conference with PKR. Something which is just not right.

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