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Janganla buat lawak bang...

Kuala Terengganu airport to get international status

KUALA TERENGGANU: The Sultan Mahmud Airport here will be awarded international status allowing Jumbo Jets to land and depart, to balance the ambitious Eastern Corridor Economic Corridor (ECER) project for the state.

Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh said the airport would be the first with such a status in the east coast region. “The airport will complement ECER as Terengganu is earmarked as a tourism gateway and educational hub under the blueprint,” he said after chairing the weekly state Exco meeting here, Wednesday.

Idris said the airport's new complex is expected to be operational soon while currently the airport’s runway extension project, covering a length of 2,800m, is underway and the state government submitted another proposal to extend the runway an additional 600m.

He said apart from the airport, Kuala Terengganu will be turned into a hub to ferry tourists to resort islands.

Currently tourists have to board ferries at Merchang, Kuala Besut and Marang jetties to get to these islands and only the only boat to Redang is from the Kuala Terengganu Dataran Shahbandar jetty.

Idris said more jetties would be constructed if the need arose and the waterway will be deepened to allow passenger boats to berth close to the current jetty.


Janganlah buat lawak. I understand that there's gonna be big changes at the K.T airport. Tapi kot ye pon please la don't say about giving international airport status.

Mr Idris Jusoh, do you think that the K.T airport a.k.a Sultan Mahmud Airport is freakin ready to be named an international airport? Remember la Pak Deris, with great power comes great responsibility.

I am not questioning on how you manage your responsibility currently, but giving Sultan Mahmud airport such big status is just totally insane. Especially, with the recent problem faced at the airport which eventually resulted in Sultan Mizan, our beloved Yang DiPertua Agong missed his flight. And why did that happened?

All because of a silly lights failure problem. If the flights (together with six other commercial flights which were also affected due to a such embarrassing problem) were to be delayed due to storm or bad weather, that could be fine since that is for sure an external factor, but not on this issue. This isn't just a simple HFE (Human-Factor Error), but more on a lack of discipline la brother.

With this attitude, do you expect Sultan Mahmud airport to be given the rank, regardless of the size and technology available there ?